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miss Liz tea parties

Miss Liz

Radio Host Teatime with Miss Liz

Miss Liz takes it to the radio with her T-E-A every Sunday broadcast on two stations. and WFRM.COM broadcast across the globe, with Tunes, Fun Facts, Recipes, Card Readings, Special Guests and more. Miss Has put the radio on hold, but you can hear the recorded show still online. 

Miss Liz the woman with a voice for T-E-A

Miss Liz started her radio journey in 2022 on a mission to bring her T-E-A even further and to give a different listening audience some flare and open conversations on how she looks at words to describe the connection between humanity and love through the eyes and flavours of a different T-E-A being served to the audience every week. She brings different to the table music of all genres and inspiration to all ages worldwide—a little something for everyone. Through different genres of music and messages, together, we can do more for humanity by being different. 

Cosmic Kaos Radio Canada
WFRM Midland Radio
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