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About Tea 

layer of tea cups on a table

Miss Liz's Tea Parties was first started in 2015. She also created the TeaBag Story Award/ Junior Award along with JC's Wood Creations.


Themes Tea and Food all match together. Miss Liz has done Bacon Tea Party, Chocolate Tea Party, Lemon Tea Party and Strawberry Tea Party to date. This includes dressing up in your best tea dress-up and colour-matching the theme. Fun for all ages, men, women and children, is always welcome. There is a little something for everyone.


Starting in 2019 behind the scenes, then in 2020, virtual teatimes globally came to life with over 350 teatimes under her teapot belt. Miss Liz is spilling teas to bring awareness that we all can make a difference for humanity. In over 65 plus countries, her guests come in virtually from around the globe. Touching over 105 topics ranging from Abuse, Grief, Mental Health, Empowerment, Organizations, Authors, Actors and Leaders.

Miss Liz is heard, seen and broadcast to multiple platforms through live streaming and recorded pass teatimes., radio stations, apps and podcast locations around the virtual land of the internet and airwaves. Miss Liz is also a content writer for feature business magazine sharing tea in a new perspective way. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Bringing People Together

Serving T-E-A the Past Present and Future... Do Different Get Different Results for Humanity 

Spilling our authentic teas creates a ripple of difference in others' lives and brings back humanity in a new way. Miss Liz

Our Mission
Brewing Tea

Her Mission

Welcome to Miss Liz T-E-A Media, the groundbreaking platform that thrives on sharing real stories, experiences and opinions. Our mission is to promote empathy and understanding by sharing unique perspectives. We strive to create a community that encourages fruitful discussions and mutual growth. We have collected an array of diverse voices and ideas, so no matter who you are, you are sure to find someone who speaks to you. Join us for a cup of tea and passionate conversation.

Miss Liz's magic mugs
Miss Liz's logo in caramel

Her Vision

I aim to use storytelling at Miss Liz's T-E-A media source to connect with people and foster community. Through our unique approach, we create content that resonates with each individual, making a meaningful impact in their lives. We believe in the power of stories to bring people together and to inspire change.

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