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Miss Liz Awards

A junior award is for a child who impact the world with a message of hope courage resilience and strength.


The shield of the teabag story that creates awareness. Warriors of a story the strength of the teabag.


The leader of the junior award Richard Jolowo. He is the shield " the shield of future children to receive this hand made one of a kind award.

Junior teabag award
teabag story award carole johnston
teabag story award
teabag story award
teabag story award
teabag story award

I created this award with the help of JC's award given to a person who shares their teabag story of strength.. overcoming challenges and keeping a positive outlook on life... giving others the courage to hold on and inspire them.. the longer you sit the teabag, the stronger it gets just like us as we build our strength through our struggles/challenges survivor of life in general... hoping to have more teabag stories shared in the community and present others with this beautiful unique one of a kind first awardee was Cj Carol Johnston for sharing her incredible story of strength and having a positive outlook on life... no matter what is sent her way...proud to say you have inspired me. Many others... so let's get Miss Liz Tea Parties out there and open doors for others to speak up and share their teabag stories...three more nominees were added and awarded to Shannon Dugas, Kim MacLennan, and Erica Sinden. The newest nominee that was awarded was Danny Covey. 

Image by Kushagra Kevat
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