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This website aims to bring awareness to the services of all walks of life that  Miss Liz brings to the table. Through virtual teatimes and workshops, she helps to get your story of transformation to life through a cup of T-E-A, teaching educational awareness that we all can make a difference for humanity. Miss Liz is transparent and open to hard-triggering subjects, often hidden or silent by shame and guilt. You will find much inspiration, motivation and hope on this site for connecting the dots and networking as the tea is spilled with good news. 

You can find a disclaimer as well at all teatimes, as Miss Liz does the

best to bring facts to the table and on all platforms. 



Miss Liz is going live using StreamYard! Before leaving a comment, please grant StreamYard permission to see your name at

Please be advised that content brought forward for any teatime show hosted by Miss Liz is always brought forward in good faith however may bring forth dialogue and opinions that are not representative of her platform. The facts and information are perceived to be accurate at the given time of airing.

All teatime guests and audience participants are responsible for using their good judgment in any actions related to the discussions.

The content may include discussions for some who may be emotionally at risk. It is significant to know that this show engages in discussion forums only to offer and inspire awareness and connection and does not provide therapeutic advice.

If you have any questions about this disclaimer or the panellist's discussion, you may freely contact Miss Liz through her email at or linktree

Moving forward, should you voluntarily participate in this show in any aspect Miss Liz welcomes you. Should you decide that this show is not for you now, she respects that choice and Miss Liz welcomes you to join her again later.

Together We Can Make A Difference For Humanity

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