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Losing Strength In Your T-E-A

The loss of flavour and energy affects the flow of a strong tea. Have you ever felt like the loss of a hero weakened the flavours? Losing the perk in the taste of life after losing a loved one. One who was the glue of the pot that gave you the tip of spilling. As you may have noticed, Miss Liz has slowly lost the flow since my grandma's passing. I am pouring from old dead leaves. I had to sit back and decide if it was time to change the leaves, change the tea, and learn to start fresh.

I am creating a solid tea after the grief. I am making a new flow of pain to purpose as she would want me to. This is for me and my supporters and future collaborators, who are staying on track with the mission of the real-life T-E-A. This is my story; this is my T-E-A. Miss Liz would like you to join her in sharing and supporting all the other incredible workshops on serving T-E-A in a different way. Together, we can make a difference one T-E-A at a time. The loss will create a new flow of a new blend of flavourful journeys with you and me.

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