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Immerse yourself in the enlightening world of real-life T.E.A (Teaching Educational Awareness) as we savor the delights of tea and knowledge in unison.

Miss Liz's headshot with the phrase I serve tea.
Miss liz sitting and looking forward with a cup of tea in her hand

Experience the Magic of Miss Liz Teatime

Engage, rejuvenate, and evolve as we partake in the enriching ritual of tea, a companion through life's diverse passages.

Miss Liz's sitting at laptop with podcast
storytelling with a metaphor of tea with a tea cup
Image by Carli Jeen

Unleash the Potential of T.E.A

Ponder this: What does T.E.A represent for you?

T - Treasure the moments. E- Embrace growth. A- Aspire toward a brighter future

Miss Liz's Tea Books
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